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What a way to make a killingOC-DCriminal Contact - Dead RingersCriminal Contact05/05/20178View
ChiefGrimesCriminal Contact - Return of the HillbilliesCriminal Contact09/06/20169View
Second time luckyGideon LawrenceEvent 2: Nothing But The BloodNeothera Saga20/08/20158View
Falling Down - Event ReviewSarah CookEvent One: The PillarsFalling Down08/12/20149View
Crash, Bang , Wallop! What an event.GadgetEvent One: The PillarsFalling Down08/12/20147View
One of my favourite LARP events everPenny JacksonInsurrection: FinaleInsurrection LRP09/04/20149View
Horror at Shining CliffStuart RentonThe Professors WakeIan Hawkins17/03/201410View
Great LRP club!Ben HarperRelathin - Tavern NightRelathin03/02/20149View
Great event as a first timer!Joe RooneyDark Tempus Event 2: IncursionDark Tempus LARP06/10/20139View
Great event as always and lots of death!JaymeEvent EightInsurrection LRP24/10/20129View
Strikingly well-reffed and enjoyable mini-fest LARPHelen WEvent SevenInsurrection LRP24/04/20129View
Game of ChoiceJames TurtonEvent 13 - A Fete full eventEventyr LRP03/04/20128View
A n00bz perspectiveAndy T.Event 13 - A Fete full eventEventyr LRP02/04/20129View