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The Bounds of Envy

Organiser: Archaeus Larp

Location: Penn Wood Scouting Centre, Stroud

A really fun and family friendly larp

Written by Elise Dennison on 08/10/2021

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Best return to larp I can imagine. Was a great venue, great plot, lots of fun and very family friendly. The organisers are wonderfully thoughtful and caring, welcome their players' feedback, and go out of their way to make sure everyone's having fun and it shows in everyone's eagerness to sign up for next year. There were quality props, with a lot of care gone into them. The children had a quest to rescue gorgeous handmade forest sprite toys, which they then got to take home. The system is simple but beautifully thought out, and you don't have to remember a gazillion things, allowing for more impact on the role-playing side. The flavour is wonderful - with the delightful Vollsanger being onsite to perform and entertain. A number of us ended up with a top notch couple of evenings telling stories, singing songs and drinking mead, and I can't wait to join in again next event.

The most striking thing about this larp, however, is the freedom of it - the organisers let their players drive the larp's development, and allow there to be more than one answer to dealing with the scenario. It deserves an 11/10.