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Event Seven

Organiser: Insurrection LRP

Location: Rhydd Covert Scout Camp Site and Activity Centre, Bewdley

Strikingly well-reffed and enjoyable mini-fest LARP

Written by Helen W on 24/04/2012

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Having already enjoyed playing Insurrection for the first time at Event Six, I had high hopes for Event Seven and was not in the least disappointed. The GM team is professional, highly reactive and displayed excellent customer service skills at all times, the monster crew were tirelessly devoted to enhancing the player experience, and the standard of immersion and physrepping on both sides of the fence was consistently extremely high. I felt the event was well-paced with plenty of "special plot" for everyone in all factions, and opportunities for players of every stripe to feel like the big damn heroes (or villains) of their own story.

I personally find the system a little complex/overdone for my taste (I have a strong preference for very simple combat systems) but although the rules can seem intimidating, there was no point where I genuinely felt that they detracted from my experience of the event; there was altogether too much fun to be had despite them.

System is definitely still friendly and open to new players despite being some years into a high-drama, world-affecting (-ending?) campaign; while long-running characters have a great deal of personal plot to immerse in, new characters (I've had two now!) certainly do not feel underpowered or left out by comparison.