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The Bounds of Envy

Organiser: Archaeus Larp

Location: Penn Wood Scouting Centre, Stroud

Awesome Event!

Written by Nicola Taylor on 07/10/2021

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I and Husband took The Boy (9yo) for his first character larping, and we all absolutely loved it! Such a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, the children had their own exclusive encounter (with prizes!) and the Refs were so adaptable and open to ideas. As it's a new world, the players are guiding the world and race development.

It really didn't matter that I actually only knew a few of the other players or monsters - by the end of the weekend they were like family, and we all had such a laugh and a good time.

As it was a first ever Event for this Larp, the rules are under constant review, and we were essentially "playtesting" for the weekend. The Refs asked for feedback, and listened to concerns. As the Events pass, and the rules bed in, I get the feeling it will be absolutely outstanding very, very soon!

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