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The Bounds of Envy

Organiser: Archaeus Larp

Location: Penn Wood Scouting Centre, Stroud

Very Family Friendly

Written by Debz on 08/10/2021

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The team put in a fantastic amount of effort and the kids were included in a lot of the plot as well as having their own plot to deal with. If you have kids and want to introduce them to LARP this is the perfect system for it!
That being said, as a person who does not have kids I think if this had been my first LARP or the only system I went to I might have been a touch overwhelmed by it all. Don't get me wrong it is firmly added to my roster of LARPs I attend and kids bring a lot to a game, but don't expect to be singing dirty songs in the middle of the night passing a bottle around a campfire.
As this was a first event of a new system I expected the props etc to be a touch more slapdash but they were actually very good (and I even wound up with a bunch of fake fur to take home and bring back next time for my crafting, the coins were metal etc). The rules need a bit more polish but I doubt there are many systems that don't take a few events to be perfected. The plot was excellent and there was very much a rule of cool about a lot of things, we were able to grow a giant mushroom by sticking the zombie mushroom magic together with the growing plants magic for example.
All in all it was a fun event which I would heartily recommend to people with appropriate preferences (after all, you don't recommend the Lorax to people who are fans of horror movies) and any of the negatives I fully expect to disappear with a little experience.

Archaeus Larp
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