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Criminal Contact - Return of the Hillbillies

Organiser: Criminal Contact

Location: Warminster Activity Centre, Warminster


Written by Grimes on 09/06/2016

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I've been three times, twice as a shopkeeper character and once as the police chief both have been awesome to play, but completely different rolls and meaning to the game for me as my own character.

Each time different than the next and each time being more awesome than the last.

Really great for experienced players and new players.
As a person who doesn't own a airsoft weapon but is wanting to play more, this game is great as it lets you choose from a vast armoury of weapons, pistols, shotguns, and rifles that the host of the game has brought along with him.

The game has much to offer..
- Hillbillies taking over the village
- Bank robberies
- Common crimes
- Haggling with shopkeepers
- Armed gangs ruling the badlands
- Deputising fellow citizens to protect the town
Mayor changing the laws

The mayor asking for a escort with the chief of police to get more weapons, then betraying him by shooting him in the leg, leaving him in the badlands!

These are a few things that can happen, the players choices make the game.