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The Bounds of Envy

Organiser: Archaeus Larp

Location: Penn Wood Scouting Centre, Stroud

Good introduction and family friendly LARP

Written by Clarie on 08/10/2021

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This was the first contact LARP I've been to and my daughters' (age 8 & 10) first ever LARP.
We felt very welcomed on the group before going, and character creation was straightforward. The Refs were really friendly and willing to go with my childrens' ideas.
This attitude was also present at the event. Despite feeling nervous and not really having much idea what to expect, we were made welcome and involved from the outset. The Refs and other characters went out of their way to involve us in plot and events, and lots of the players were friendly in and out of character.
My children loved the weekend and we have booked in for the next event. There was a children's adventure which they loved, and they were treated really well by the adults. I felt safe for them to go and play without me watching them every second.
The Refs were also considerate of how scared they might be and made sure they felt safe.
I found the refs really responsive to ideas and happy to go with player created madness which was fun.
I made friends and felt part of the group, and this has continued on Facebook after the event.