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Event 2: Nothing But The Blood

Organiser: Neothera Saga

Location: Caddihoe Camp Site, Exteter

Second time lucky

Written by Gideon Lawrence on 20/08/2015

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So, Neothera is a starting club based in Devon. This was the second event and I have played the first and crewed the second. Frankly, it is a labour of love by the organisers and it shows.

As I understand it from chatting to the organisers they have only been in the hobby for a few years, but they have taken about a year to make sure that there events started with a bang.

The standard of big beasty costume is amazing, and the NPC's are always fully costumed. IC maps show the site, and there are props and set scenes scattered across the site to give the area character and things to explore.

The system is simple and though it uses damage calls to show levels of damage it is kept low and does not impact on the epic combat.

The system is still rather new and that shows, there are tweaks to be made, however, and this is probably the best thing about the system: the organisers are a mixed bag of incredibly enthusiastic new folk (including the system head), reenactors and people just mucking into help and they are very willing to listen, to work with others, to tweak the system to make sure it works.

They have an eye for the community, they work hard to be inclusive, the world continues to grow between games, they are willing to learn and what they already have is fantastic, looking and feeling like a working interesting world, with working, interesting characters and the ability to react to the characters actions.

It is a work in progress, as all great systems are, but very much worth the time and trouble to get involved as crew or player.

Highly recommended.