Neothera Saga


Devon, United Kingdom

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UK LARP AWARDS: Shortlisted best UK small LARP & grassroots system 2017!

The Neothera Saga is a High Fantasy / Steampunk LARP group based in Devon in the UK. Specialising in plot-driven small-scale, emotive and extremely immersive events, we offer you the chance to step into a vast world of mystical creatures, where magic and technology compete for dominance.

•Battle terrifying monsters with your allies, save kingdoms, wield powerful magic and strange technology, perform rituals to earn the favour of the gods, bring criminals to justice or become an infamous mercenary

•Create a unique character from a vast range of races, realms and classes. Put your newfound abilities to the test with our simple and effective rules system

•Pursue quests that are personal to your character, or assist your friends in accomplishing greater goals

•Master the art of defensive, offensive and healing magic, or follow the path of the warrior and take up arms. Hone your skills in surgery, learn to move unseen through the shadows, or become a renowned crafter of legendary items

•Join a game that is regarded for being highly responsive to player actions, and where your choices shape the game world around you for better or worse

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