Fall of Caddington (Event 6) Neothera Saga

Apr 14th - Apr 16th 2017

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The Neothera Saga is a High Fantasy/Steampunk Live Action Role Playing group based in Devon in the United Kingdom. Specialising in extremely immersive events, we always aim to provide our participants with an authentic, emotive and unique game-world.


"My Lord Marsell, you have visitors." Philippe looked up from his writing desk and set down his quill, "Very well, I shall see them now." The L'Enaroussian governor seemed surprised to see Naitya the Protector, a founding member of the Amicita council, accompanied by four elven guards and a female dressed in long white robes with a hood concealing her face from view. After some the of formalities had taken place the two females were asked to sit, Marsell joined them at the circular, oak table. The hooded female remained silent, and Marsell, for some reason unknown to him, felt compelled to let her identity remain a mystery for now.

Naitya spoke first, "My lord, time is of the essence, so excuse me if I am outwardly spoken." She stared at Marsell sternly and the governor folded his arms, a mixed look of intrigue and worry upon his face. He sighed slightly. "For a member of the Amicita council to visit me personally I expect this to be news I am not likely to want to hear?"

Naitya smiled and nodded. "As you are aware, some of the elders of our species, the farseers, are gifted with an ability to see future events, and these events will almost certainly come to pass." Marsell laughed. "You mean, you've come all this way to tell me I am to die choking on a grape, or perhaps fall foul of an assassin?" The elven woman's face remained blank as she stared at Marsell. "Your silence tells me nothing, Naitya. Is that the truth? What brings you here?" Marsell began to feel frustrated.

"Caddington will fall, my lord. Blood and flames shall consume it, and almost all of your men and women stationed there will die." Naitya spoke quietly, yet with purpose. Marsell, laughed loudly. "Then I will double, nay, TRIPLE the defences there. The might of the L'Enarousse will prevail over all!" He slammed his fist down on the table and laughed once again. The mysterious woman in white removed her hood revealing blonde hair and glistening jewels upon her face. "A faerie?!" Marsell exclaimed.

"Not just any faerie, my lord. I am Ahzara Lightborn, queen of the faeries. My presence alone should make you aware that this is not a matter to be taken lightly." Naitya nodded in agreement with Azhara's words as Marsell stared in awe at the queen. "All we know for sure is that this has something to do with an event that took place in March this year. It has something to do with a supposed cure to the plague of undeath, however something went wrong, and not all of the concoction was administered to a victim. Tell me, my lord. When was the last time you heard news from Caddington?"

Marsell blinked and began rummaging through a stack of letters upon the table. He stopped and scanned a piece of parchment. "Three weeks ago, Naitya. After La Place was hung for his treasonous actions we placed Zander, the scout captain in charge of operations there." He paused for a moment and rummaged through the paper work once again. Then his face went pale. "His letter of acceptance was never received, nor the last two weekly reports that are required of all captains and commanders staged outside of the city." Naitya and Ahzara glanced at each other. "Then we have a problem, my lord?" Ahzara questioned Marsell in a worried tone.

Marsell quickly grabbed his quill and inked a brief letter. A scribe that had been listening in the corner of the room fetched it and made haste out of the hall. Ahzara looked inquisitively at Philippe Marsell. "What did you write, and in such a hurry, my lord?" Marsell returned to the table, sat down and sighed. " I have requested reinforcements be sent to the estate as soon as possible, but that will take months. We're still recovering from the Fairdale disaster, not to mention those bloody dreadnaught attacks that occurred right here in the city. I also requested that a group of mercenaries be contacted to investigate what is going on at Caddington, they've worked for me in the past and know the place better than any of my men stationed here in the city. How could I have been so stupid? The reports completely slipped my mind with everything that has occurred here recently."

Azhara made her way around the table to Philippe Marsell and attempted to comfort him in his distressed state. Naitya was amazed at the calming effect faeries seemed to have on humans. "Our farseers' visions are rarely wrong, my lord. I feel that your actions may have been taken in vain. Blood and flames shall consume it, and almost all of your men and women stationed there will die. That is their vision, and this shall come to pass..."


Ashclyst Forest
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PLAYERS: £50 if paid before 14th February (and get 3 Hero Points!) - CREW: £15

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