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Oh, how the days have now darkened. How were the Green Cloaks meant to know that their tragic actions would unleash a force more evil, more impossible to destroy than anything the worlds have ever encountered?

How do they deal with the tech-dead? Judas’s twisted life giving Super-Nano-bots, capable of giving life to the dead, now bring death to the living and an eternity of servitude to those they take. They seem to be unstoppable, spreading like a plague throughout the worlds.

Many have fallen. The Terran Empire’s morale smashed. Maybe this desperate attempt at survival, this alliance is the key to it all. The once mortal enemies of the Empire, the One-Bakkar, are now under the new leadership of Kharn Gor, who has now reached out to the Terran Empire and offered to work with them to annihilate the Tech-dead. Backed into a corner, desperate and knowing they could not tackle this alone, the Green Cloaks agreed on behalf of the Terran Empire the Alliance. Kharn Gor is now set to make himself known, the One-Bakkar now united with the Green Cloaks in this struggle of power.

Is this the right move? Not everyone think so. There are murmurings that the V’reed Hi-Council are at an uproar as this new treaty goes against everything they fought for in the past, in the name of the Terran Empire; The civilian population have already shown how displeased they are that this was ever agreed and now the Green Cloaks are being pulled away from the front line to gather their intelligence, work on their relationship with their newly found ‘pal’ Kharn Gor and work on a way to defeat the Tech-Dead.

The Terran Empire have now warned that their astro-Adepts sense the Omega surrounding the Green Cloaks is now in a state of flux. What could this possibly mean?

The answers to these questions and reactions to these actions can only be experienced at The Green Cloaks 1st Event, ‘The Oppression’.
Game information:

-Event site: Broadstone Warren Scoutcamp :

-Event Price: £30

-If you are interested in monstering at this or any of our events throughout the year please contact Sammy Kilsby via facebook.

-Players may begin arriving from 12:00pm on Friday 11th April.
-New player brief/ refresher: 17:00
-Time in on Friday: 18:00
-Time out on Sunday: 15:00
-Players to have vacated the site on Sunday 13th by 17:00

-Any questions please email

-BlastersmithsUK [CONFIRMED]

-Hack & Slash [CONFIRMED]


- Paul Chalkley Catering [CONFIRMED]

- Matt's Military Surplus Supplies [CONFIRMED]

-Seaxe Crafts [TBC]

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