E1: Fractured Green Cloaks

Apr 22nd - Apr 24th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

Green Cloaks


Sci Fi


Transmission incoming, please stand by…
>Transmission ident: #65A93113Z
Cantiacorum, TSA Segovax Cluster High Command: Seg auth-code #A179Z…
>Valid Auth, parsing message.
>Level 20a encryption, priority 1.
>Decryption complete.

Recipient(s): ‘The Green Cloaks’ Taskforce.
All active members; 109th Light Infantry, Kingskeep 98th, Delmont 205th, 23rd Heavy Infantry.

Subject(s): Back to the front.

Message reads:

From the office of Lieutenant General Fealoke.

Members of The Green Cloaks, your leave is officially over and you are required to report for duty on 22-04-6015 to TSA base camp #31 on the central continent of Melrose on Zennor.
Great strides have been made in your absence and the TSA now firmly controls the eastern continent. It seems that the actions of your last deployment have borne fruit. The One Bakkar are in full withdrawal across the planet, with reports of possible unrest and in-fighting between the generals within their command structure on the planet.
We have received intel that at least one of these generals will be located in your deploy radius. As such we have committed additional orbital assets to the area to assist you with the location and termination of this enemy. Keep our fleet informed and they will be able to assist you in this task.
This is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. I know you will do what is required.

There has also been an influx of reports of a massive increase in activity from powerful Omega beings (known as Princes). We do not know what their plan in this area is. Any intel you can gather on these third-party threats is considered a priority by high command.

Personal note(s):
I know that there are troubles at home for all of you, but we cannot afford to waste this opportunity.
Delmont is still recovering from the internal One Bakkar uprising and adjusting to its new leader.
Durgan seems to be becoming more militaristic and straying from its noble roots in the temples.
On Marazion V tensions rise in the upper eschelons of the clans.
Ardheim is full of reports of strange creatures emerging from the deep forest and causing chaos in outlying settlements.
These are all problems that you face at home, but we must be united. Beyond all of our differences we are members of the Terran Sovereignty and we must protect that before our individual issues.
I trust you all to do your duty.

>Transmission ends.


Blundel Lane
Stoke D' Abernon
KT11 2SL
United Kingdom


Event Price: £40, Student Price: £35 (Requires student ID), Day Ticket: £20

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