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Summerfest Fools and Heroes

Aug 28th - Aug 31st 2015

Organiser / Campaign

Fools and Heroes


High Fantasy


Fools and Heroes (F&H), is a non-profit UK based Live Action Roleplay (LARP) Society.

We have 22 branches across the country, each of which normally run day events at least once a month, some twice. We also run 4 or 5 weekend fests a year.

There are eight guilds, seven churches and five knightly orders available for a character to join, giving a wide variety of characters, be them human, dwarf or elf (don't forget the halflings!)

FnH is half play/half monster, though at a weekend fest there is normally a bit more playing time than monstering.

Whilst our day events are free of charge, there is a charge for Summerfest (mainly to cover camp hire) also we do have a membership fee of £20 a year, and a Summerfest attendee does need to be a member.

Food is available; 3 meals a day, Friday - Sunday for £20, and limitless tea, coffee and squash for an additional £5.


Barnsley Road
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom


£35 before 1 Aug, £40 after (plus £20 membership fee)

Silverwood Scout Campsite
Other Events (Max. 5)

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