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Fools and Heroes


Avon, United Kingdom

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Welcome to Fools and Heroes

Fools and Heroes (F&H), is a non-profit UK based high fantasy Live Action Roleplay (LARP) Society.

F&H has a unique world setting, it has its own runic alphabet, months of the year and colourful history that will set your imagination on fire.

There are eight guilds, seven churches and five knightly orders available for a character to join, giving a wide variety of characters, be them human, dwarf or elf (don't forget the halflings!)

There's always something going on to do with F&H, and with 20 branches, you are bound to be able to find an event close to you.

We run day events almost every weekend across the country, generally starting at 10:30 and ending around 6ih depending on the time of year. A player will play their character for half of the day and monster for the other half.

We also run between 3 and 5 weekend fests a year, which will normally involve some monstering as well as playing.

F&H costs just £20 a year for your membership, but you can try 2 games for free to see if you like us. Day events are free of charge and even the fests only cost £20 - £40, to cover camping site fees.

If you want to come along and have a go then drop us a line, bring sturdy boots if you can, or non-white trainers, plain black or brown clothing and something for lunch. We'll be happy to help kit you out for your first few adventures.

More information on our website link below.