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PREMISE: Amazons arrive on earth in Greece on a colony ship. It is 500 BC. What follows will be the stuff of legends.

AESTHETIC: Classical fashion, bad ass sic-fi weapons. Vambraces. Blasty future-guns and humming future-swords. Sickening levels of beauty and strength and cunning.

GAMEPLAY: Combat, mystery, politics. A mix of PvP and PvE. The expectation is that players may die IC, will make difficult choices, will do ethically and morally dubious things, and come up against stark choices for both themselves and their loved ones.

CHARACTERS: Supernaturally strong warrior queens from another planet. Engineers. Scientists. Engineer scientists. Spacetime travel experts. Political leaders. Historian ambassadors. Geomantic/Numerology mystic leaders and scholars. Biotech ship technicians. Architects.The Amazonian colony ship selected only the finest and the children of the finest to board.

ALL player-characters will be written as female. We are inviting only women and non-binary people as players.

THEMES: Immigration, reproduction, moral corruption and necessity, exile, technological dystopia.

FORMAT: A one-off weekend LARPs with pre-written briefs.

ACCESS: The gameplay will include roles for non-combat player-characters. We welcome players to discuss their access needs with us.

Currently we are still recruiting referees and crew! IF you want to support this LARP please please get in touch to discuss!

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