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Sundered Empire


North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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Sundered Empire is a fantasy larp system based in York, UK.

The land of Edthel is sundered by magic and a legacy of war.

Long ago the Elves wrought the sundering, a great invocation that brought down the great kingdom of Ughel Gwlascor.

The great magic destroyed the centre of Human power in Edthel and destroyed the hold of the corrupt mages that held the whole of Edthel in thralldom.

Now the Ruined Lands are the lasting reminder of the sundering, permanently seperating the Humans of Nordwyrdeland and Sudwyrdeland. They are the source of much that plagues Edthel, the wild magics that still fill the air in the Ruined lands also cause the veil between worlds to weaken and the long dead sorceror kings of Ughel Gwlascor to stir in their great barrows.

Ancient races stir in the Clustorholt Forest, Goblins raid from the Hwitscylfa Mountains and the brave and the greedy gather to battle the forces of darkness and search the ruins of the broken empire for ancient treasures.

Sundered Empire is based in a world which is culturally comparable to dark age northern Europe. It uses a classless skill based advancement system to enable players to customise their characters beyond that which is allowed by a class based system.

Players may choose from a number of races, each of which grants a certain skill combination including a selection of skills or between 1 and 3 skills of the players choice depending on the race chosen.