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“The Project” was supposed to ensure our survival as a species. Scientist from all area of research and expertise came together. Sovereign and cultural boundaries we put aside. Old enemies became colleagues and the advances in understanding of so many scientific fields were exponential.
The environmentalists had been sounding the warnings for decades.
The astrophysicist’s had been planning the colonisation of Mars but so much held the reality back.
Bio Chemists and the medical world had been seeing the rapid mutations of pathogenic viruses and were at a loss to combat them.
The geneticists had only recently, in scientific terms gained their Roseta Stone when the human Gene ode was finally decoded.
Nano technology was in its infancy.
Military technology had all but reached a standstill in its progression.
Then then “The Project” began and advances avalanched. But the world remained un aware.
This was not some Pan Governmental plan. The governments of the world were too busy wondering where all its top scientists were, after repeated disappearances.
“The Project” funded by a collection of the planets ultra-rich. It was the only way. Petty and not so petty differences between elected and non-elected world governments prevented this kind of mass cooperation.
The focus areas were:
• Mass transport to Mars
• Shelter and Nutrition on the initial colony.
• Sustaining and expanding the colony.
• Genetic mutation to humans and livestock to survive on Mars.
• Genetic mutation of flora and fauna.

Why go to all this trouble, “The Asteroid”! Earth’s defenders, the other planets in our solar system and the asteroid belt had done well. But were soon to have their clean sheet spoiled, a planet killer was 10 years out. World Governments kept it secret fearing widespread panic and chaos such as to bring down the rule of law and civilisation as a whole. So The Project was started.
The geneticists did their thing and cloned creatures that could breathe in near zero oxygen conditions that could cope with the gravity difference. That could survive in extreme cold. The hydroponics group developed genetically modified foods that would thrive just about anywhere. The rocket scientists made their delivery system. The ISS was used in secret to build a staging platform and shuttle after shuttle took the resources into space.
Many that were involved didn’t know what was happening but they were getting really well paid so pressed on regardless. Little did they know the money they were raking in would soon be worthless.
The whole project team (at least those who knew the full plan), were given a package of immunisations and brought to the peak of health and fitness, wives and children of these elite were included but still kept in the dark.
From the cloned and modified creatures, DNA would be extracted that would be combined to create a new type of being altogether, one that could live on Mars!
The next hurdle was how to get that DNA into those humans who would make the journey. They had to know how to safely mutate people rapidly. The answer came not from radiation or stem cell alteration. It came from a most unexpected source. A virus - the common cold virus.
Scientist noticed that the virus mutated very quickly when faced with all kinds of antibiotics and environments, and that was the key. The virus was, once inside a human host, was able to not only protect itself, but change the host to keep it safe.
They tested the virus on a volunteer first. Not one of the ones in full possession of the plan. Not one of the ones who had had all the immunities. The virus killed them, but he body still moved. The virus had also mutated and controlled the Nano bots in the host. It created the chemical electric signals in the dead hosts’ brain to keep it functioning, effectively a bipedal vehicle for the virus to move and proliferate itself.
The “Volunteer” was kept in a secure facility and observed. It still needed to eat and needed only protein. It transpired the only protein it would consume turned out to be live flesh. The team conducting the experiment noticed that the live animals the “Volunteer” was fed were killed by biting, and the hearts and brains were the main things it consumed. It left most of the carcass to rot. The volunteer grew stronger the more it fed. It was slow and uncoordinated to begin with but the more it fed the faster it moved. They deduced that it was the electrolytes present in brain tissue and the natural electrical charge of heart cells that powered the creature. The experiment continued but now the project needed to test the virus on an immunised subject.
It worked. The subject didn’t die. They thrived. It was time to leave.
So they left 10 at a time in the shuttles, transiting up to the ISS and the staging platform. By the time they were all off earth the fiery ball of the planet killer was visible in the night sky and panic and rumour amongst the world’s peoples was pandemic. They were never heard of again.
The governments made a show of trying to shoot missiles at the planet killer but they did nothing to stop its progress or alter its course. Everybody thought the world would be destroyed. The planet killer struck the Earth’s atmosphere and the sky burned. The deep frozen gases that formed the majority of the objects mass burned out separating, various sized meteor chunks then rained down on the earth and destroyed much, but the earth survived. Man survived, for the most part.
The secure facility housing the “Volunteer” and a lot of the research materials from the project were destroyed. That was 30 years ago. Now man barely exists. Only small pockets remain. The world is now awash with those infected by the “Volunteer”.
Will you survive?

The game is a cross over of medieval LARP weapons/armour with modern day airsoft weapons and equipment. Ammunition is limited as is certain start skills. As you complete missions, your characters will earn experience points, these can be used to buy new skills to increase your survive-ability. This is NOT A SKIRMISH game, the idea is to survive and increase skills and expertise. Help your alliance HQ expand, thus giving all members of your alliance various bonus skills and perks. There are four main classes to start with; the Soldier, the Scientist/hacker/mechanic, the Medic and the Merchant. All have key roles and all are interactive in there skills and abilities in the later game for developing weapons, scientific equipment etc.

The first game is limited to just 30 players, 15 in each alliance. The weekend as a first event is a bonus £30, and we will welcome feedback and ideas from this first event that may add and improve the second event. If you wish to crew that's free and you are most welcome.

For a copy of the latest rule book please email me.

Bookings are open now and payment is by paypal, first come first served basis. A deposit of £15 secures your place with the balance paid in cash on the day.

Any questions feel free to email me.