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Merseyside, United Kingdom

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Macifaria Games is a small games club based in the UK. Known primarily for the local larp "Dark Awakenings", the club boasts members with over 50 years of experience in LARP/LRP and Roleplaying, both as players and as organisers.

Though Dark Awakenings is the first game released exclusively by the club, members have also been involved in the creation and organisation of larger games, such as The Vale. Over time, club members will work on a vast array of projects, either hosted by the club, or working with other companies.

This website is a portal to the club projects, giving you access to the various websites and games the club members are involved in, with a little information about the main club members. The club is not a business, but a group of people who love roleplaying and enjoy the experience of playing and running events for other people.

We want to spread the word, get more people involved in this amazing hobby, and most of all, have fun doing so.