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Pathfinder LARP


Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

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We are a grass roots level LARP system that has been running form about 17 years, including a subsidiary branch at Lampeter University for about several years 2003-2006.

We are a Mid fantasy system, mid hits (so double figures, but no higher than 30 or so), called damage. Magic is a verbal based system.
Our events tend to be Party orientated (2-5 players) with the rest of the club acting as monster crew, everyone is expected to take a turn monstering events as well as playing them.
We focus on Both world plots and personal plots, trying to weave them together as much as we can to allow you to explore your own character as well as give them a stake and influence in the wider world and plot.

We are always open to interesting character ideas, but do recommend monstering once or twice to get a feel for the system before playing.

System and setting documents are available on the website as PDFs, Adventures are a booked in advance setup.

We run two 2 day 'Overnighters' a year and a 2 day Tournament event (with plenty of scope for free RP).
We combine these with Tavern Night events, and run a few more Tavern nights in the year as well, particularly during the 'down season' of Nov - April when we dont run events.

Should an event be unable to run due to very poor weather or other issues, we do have a minimal tabletop system we can use to try to still run the adventure, honour our bookings, and allow us to progress plots rather than have to re-book.

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