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Unmasqued - The Vampire Chronicles


Merseyside, United Kingdom

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An old World of Darkness game set in the Camarilla Fiefdom of Merseyside. The game does not use the MET system, but a blood and willpower based challenge system for most actions. Combat is freeform and clash based (depending on numbers involved and complexity), using latex weaponry. A full-blooded influence and downtime system adds realism to a heavily political game, with complex local, clan, regional and national plotlines all interwoven and running concurrently. A dedicated forum allows easy private and public clan and general communication between players and characters.

We run six sessions a year at approximately eight week intervals, comprising four single day (Saturday) events and two weekend events (Friday to Sunday) to a current active player base of thirty-five players, many of whom travel long distance having fallen in love with our system. Several of our players are willing to offer floor space to sleep overnight, particularly to Clanmates.

We ensure our sessions dates do not clash with our friends Profound Decision's Empire LARP, which many of our player base and ref team also enjoy. Our game has been running since 2007, having just celebrated its sixth year. Our usual venue is the Frankby Scout Site, Greasby, Wirral.

Interested parties should check out our forum listed below, complete with rules and details of upcoming events - new players receive their first session free of cost if a single day event or subsidised if a weekend event.

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