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Event 5 : Harbingers and Omens Dark Colony

Apr 15th - Apr 17th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

Dark Colony


Sci Fi


A post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror LRP.

So you wish to learn about the world, eh? Alright. I ain't as good as the terminal, but I can tell you what I know.

When the ship landed, the whole world knew about it, literally. We lost a fair few in the crash, most of those died, but some ran off or escaped. Seems we had some prisoners sent with us as a way to make room on Earth. No matter now, we are all stuck in the same boat.

Lots of people died through the years. Lots. But a lot of us survived and created the colonies that you have heard of now. We are the main one, I think, called Unity, or just home if you will. There are four more colonies we know around here. 'Terra', the home of The Children of Gaia, 'The Fortress', base of the 1st Arcadian Militia, 'Aurora', The Shining Dawn's colony, and 'Stinker', a colony run by the Kroftukh gangs.

I tell you what. Pull up a chair to the terminal and I will show you around, the best information is kept there and updated regular like, by us all. You will need a login, but you get to update the records when you want.


ST10 2NS
United Kingdom

Huntley Wood, Wyldwood
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