Forest Argent - Under The Stone Forest Argent LARP

Oct 12th - Oct 14th 2012

Organiser / Campaign

Forest Argent LARP


Low Fantasy


"To any one who is listening, I have made a terrible mistake.

The stone has opened and taken me. I have told them everything. London, the slums, the workhouses, my own misspent youth...

They do not understand. The drums are sounding. The stone will open and I fear that they will come with spear and madness to purge what they see as evil in this world.


You have to come."

- Ronald De Bedlum

This is the event that takes us back to Goblin Combe, a year later after Ronald has been taken (shot himself in the head and taken by the Fey) into the stone.


What level of Event Do you want:

Basic £100 - Comes with food, space to sleep, camping or inside if available, a chance to take personal plot if you wish.

Basic With full kit for the event £150 - All of the above, but we lend you the kit you need for the event, costume, and props for your character (up to and including weapons)

Walk Away weekend: VIP keeping all your kit that we provide you with £250 - First choice of sleeping arrangements, costume, and props, including either a large weapon, such as a spear/musket, to a more basic sword, or healing equipment, etc.


First Time £15

Bring a First Time Friend (Booking together) £15

Crewing Discount £10

Unemployed/Student £10

Club Member (Wyvernstales/Dragon Lore/World Of Alrune) £10

Ten book together, pay for 9!

Maximum discount £60


Plunder Street
BS49 4PQ
United Kingdom


£40 - £100 Basic

Contact Info

07852 107 649

Forest Argent LARP
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