Forest Argent - Smugglers & Port Forest Argent LARP

Apr 20th - Apr 22nd 2012

Organiser / Campaign

Forest Argent LARP


Low Fantasy


World: Lorians/Gate (though all others are welcome)

In a battered and shattered Fort, on the coast, where airships and their more terrestrial cousins dock to take on supplies, and trade with the miscreants and colonists that make this tunnel ridden shell their home.

With the touch of the Forest Argent, bringing so many cultures together, how many new and strange artifacts or cultures will be for sale. Especially since there is rumour that a member of the Lorian Clergy is heading to the island, to put their stamp of authority upon the renegade community.

This event comes with all the usual trimings: Food, admin support, kit and props for the event.

What level of Event Do you want:

Basic £100 (see below for discounts) - Comes with food, space to sleep, camping or inside if available, a chance to take personal plot if you wish.

Basic With full kit for the event £150 - All of the above, but we lend you the kit you need for the event, costume, and props for your character (up to and including weapons)

Walk Away weekend: VIP keeping all your kit that we provide you with £250 - First choice of sleeping arrangements, costume, and props, including either a large weapon, such as a spear/musket, to a more basic sword, or healing equipment, etc.


First Time £15

Bring a First Time Friend (Booking together) £15

Crewing Discount (So if you crew for this event you get a £10 discount on future events) £10

Unemployed/Student £10

Club Member (Wyvernstales/Dragon Lore/World Of Alrune) £10

Ten book together, pay for 9!

Maximum discount £60


Fort Widley
United Kingdom


£40 - £100 Basic

Contact Info

07852 107 649

Forest Argent LARP
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