The Great St. Briavels Foot Tourney & Feast Forest Argent LARP

Mar 13th - Mar 15th 2015

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Forest Argent LARP




What is Fairy Tales?
Medieval mysteries taking inspiration from Cadfael, Cthulhu and a little bit of the X-Files, participants take the role of normal medieval folks in the period just after the Great Anarchy and investigates mysteries and myths.

What is this event?
We have hired the utterly lovely St. Briavels castle, a working youth hostel with showers and heaters in the lovely setting of a welsh village.
During the weekend you will be able to take part in a Tournament, a variety of mysteries and strange goings on and a scrumptious feast (for those who have been before, its huge and utterly delicious).
Invited there to celebrate the inauguration of a new Castellan and the rededication of the castle chapel almost any cast and character is welcome within the hustle and bustle of a medieval court on the welsh border after the troubles…

The cost of this event is slightly higher than normal to take into account feast on the Saturday night, breakfast and snacks through out the weekend. See website for details.

Any questions, just drop me a line on the email address below.


St Briavels Castle YHA
St Briavels
GL15 6RG
United Kingdom


£55.50 – £80.50 Dependent on Discounts

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Forest Argent LARP
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