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Event 10: Junk 'et or Which side are you on? Serenity LRP

May 30th - Jun 1st 2014

Organiser / Campaign

Serenity LRP


Sci Fi


Welcome to Boros, Land of rolling prairies, luscious beaches and some of the most gaochao sunsets you'll see.

High overhead the moon of Ares hangs in the sky above it, shining jewel in the night. Up there Iskellian Technology Solutions produce all the shiny toys that the alliance gets to play with. Those devices that fail or are outdated get shipped down to rot on the surface.

Pity it's not the only shit that rains from heaven down here.


“So, where do we take it? Harper? Boros?”

"Boros is too big. It's crawling with Alliance."

? Anon Captain talking with first mate


Authorities on Boros reported today that despite the continued presence of strikers on the Planet, they would be reopening their borders to outside traffic.

When asked to comment on the effect the Strikers have had on business on planet, Secretariat Elisha Marshal refused to answer questions and pointed us towards the planetary council's PR department.

Since the strikes started 83 days ago shipments to and from the planet have virtually dried up, seriously straining the Alliance war effort as they are placed under greater pressure by the recent Reaver offensive.

In an interview with a leader of the strikers, who did not want to be named, they reacted with mixed hostilely and hope to the announcement, claiming the opening of the borders shows a slip in the resolve of the regime while at the same time raising the spectre of non unionised workers flooding the planet and crossing the protest lines.

These fears have been heightened by the arrival of a delegation from the security bonding and review board, hinting at a possible escalation in the near future.
They say in Boros city
There are no neutrals there
You'll either be a union man
Or a brown coated bear

Which side are you on boys?
Which side are you on?
-Unification war song


Player ticket - £55
Crew ticket - Free

Booking will open 12th December, 2013.

Welcome back to our first event of 2014, being held over the weekend of the 30th of May at Consall scout camp in stoke on Trent.

There are Ic bunks available. 54 Ic sleeping berths are available in the in-character area with a further 20 in the out of character area. Preference for Out-of-Character bunks will be given to our crew with empty bunks being offered to players. Camping at this event will be strictly out-of-character.

There event is uncatered but players have full access to a kitchen for preparing their own food.

One thing that was apparent at the last event is that even with the new method of doing Jobs, we still need more crew. For this reason we will be keeping player tickets limited to 54 until such time as we can be assured of sufficient crew to serve such a large playerbase.

The setting for this event is “Van Dykes” a bar on an antigrav platform transportation hub (conveniently placed just outside the airspace above Boros city) offering drinks, gambling, a warm bunk house (and various other services, for the right price).

We look forward to seeing you in May.
Keep Flying and stay shiny!


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