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TBC Irregular Productions

Oct 12th - Oct 14th 2012

Organiser / Campaign

Irregular Productions


High Fantasy


On the continent of Panagaia, made up of the great city states that claim dominion over great regions around the glow of the civilized edifices of the fortified cities. In truth the further a man moved away from these bastions of science and reason the cloak of civilization gave way to mysticism, Tribalism and savage survival. The wild is the true master of these regions with tribes vying for resources against the monsters, fauna and flora who call it home. Communication between towns and villages are a constant struggle requiring constant vigilance and frequent times of isolation.

During this age of strife, tales of armies forming in the North and sinister alliances forming in the heart of the deep woods and caverns worming their way in the underworlds. The dead rest uneasily in their tombs and graves with more rumour of dark practices rousing them and fouler things from the different places. Rumours of battle and monsters float about the ale houses of the villages and settlements scattered about the region, as well as legends of wealth and treasure hoarded in the creatures lairs. The air around all is a feeling of a nameless foreboding for the future.

The Lords of the land live in a state of dread and some gather their own forces in readiness for what ever may emerge to threaten them. Though some dwell in the their past glory of dominion and power. The wise offer reward for news of the comings and goings of the land, sending out rangers and soldiers to all the corners of the realm. Never since the forming of the city states have their been more opportunities for the individual to gain wealth and glory by their own actions and heroism. The new age is of Adventure - and legends are formed by deeds done in times of glory, that time is now.


Merthyr Mawr Road
Merthyr Mawr
CF32 0LS
United Kingdom


Early = £80, Normal = £90, Gate = £100

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