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Esotericon Project Valravn

Apr 18th - Apr 20th 2014

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Project Valravn


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Coming in 2014, the newest and craziest Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror convention to hit the UK!

Bringing together the very best of the UK's Geek scene in a three day supercharged extravaganza.

Bringing science fiction, horror, fantasy and more under one roof we'll provide you with fantastic shows, insane events and theme park style immersion with a costumed crew and a variety of wild characters on display. And if that wasn't enough, over the course of the convention a series of special events shall occur, playing out the story of HMSS Persephone with a grand finale on the Sunday influenced by the your (the audience's) decisions.

General information
Esotericon is more than just a convention. It's a story unfolding all around you. Over the course of the weekend there will be "plot point events" occurring in various locations. Each of these events will help unravel a little more of the mystery of what is happening aboard ship, why you are all here, and what the eventual fate of the Persephone is to be. Plot Points specifically are events that details the machinations of each of the major factions and allow you to look into the behind the scenes events that normal guests would not be privy too.

For the exceptionally daring, you can even take "espionage duties" for the faction of your choice, bringing them important information and strengthening them ahead of Sunday's Grand Finale.

It's up to you which, if any of these events you choose to attend, but remember: every choice has consequences. The fate of the Persephone rests in your hands


Queens Promenade
United Kingdom


£20 to £60

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