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Song of Steel May Bank Holiday Event A Song of Steel

May 24th - May 27th 2013

Organiser / Campaign

A Song of Steel


High Fantasy


The world is at its breaking point...

When the greatest empire in history has frozen over,
The magic that lead the world all but destroyed.
Each barony is torn apart by war and religion,
And whispers of betrayal sing through the violence.
This is a time when one person can make all the difference,
And heroes can be found in the strangest of places.

Live the Legend. Become the dream.
Song of Steel.

First £13 dungeon is free for all new players!

Choose one or more dungeons from the following weekend line-up:

Friday Night Dungeon (8:30-11:30) - Scott £13 / 13xp
"O come ALL ye faithful"
The company is requested to help sort out a problem in a discreet (and brutal) manner.
Undead hunters are particularly welcome.
The Crown rate this as Green/Amber level

Friday Night Mini Tavern (11:30 onwards) - Scott
"Big Ork go bash!"
The company are invited to Shadowmere to discuss the next move in the Ogre war.
**No points cap

Saturday Morning Dungeon (10:30-1:30) - Geoff £13 / 13xp
"Stirring the Ashes
Representatives of the Council of Vaganar in Shanrak require aid to investigate conflicts on the border with Galinia and, if necessary, take action to restore the peace.
The Crown rate this as Green/Amber

Saturday Evening Dungeon & Half (2:30-7:00) - Rob C £20 / 20xp
"Consciousness Ascendant Fall's"
The noted Maelion and Felstarian alchemical suppliers trading company Event Horizon requires the aid of the company in resolving a number of issues. Including a number of attacks on a kesslin supply depot. A wide range of skills will be required from investigation skills and warrior skills.
The Crown rate this as Amber/Red

Saturday Super Special Tavern (8-12) - Phil
"A Horror Picture Show"
Dr. Scott has formally invited the Company of the Song to one of his 'bizarre' and eye brow raising parties being hosted at a remote hunting lodge. Food, music, and games should help the night pass away. Those of a mild disposition may want to keep their eyes closed.
There is a 300 point cap on this tavern until midnight
** For continuity sake, players are asked to make as few a character changes as possible during the festivity **
**Fantastical dress is encouraged for this tavern**

Sunday Short Morning Dungeon (10-12) - Scott £10 / 10xp
"Closing the Box."
The Company are needed for a mission into Maelion to help in the war against the ogres
The Crown rate this as Green/Amber

Sunday Short Afternoon Dungeon (1-3) - Mini Rob £10 / 10xp
"An Eternity of Change"
Viscount Ricardo Gnomez of Selia has been witness to a Prophesy that if true, could unhinge the very foundations of Selian Society and indeed the rest of the world. He has requested the intervention of the company of the song to aid him in preventing the outcome of the Prophesy at all costs, and will reward any and all who provide aid in this endeavour greatly.
Only those resolute of mind, and hard of heart need apply.
**Due to the Vague nature of this mission, and lack of information available the crown have Deemed this mission as "Open".**

Sunday Short Evening Dungeon (4-6) - Gordon Hodges £10 / 10xp
"Bandits at the Brewery "
The Company have been asked to deal with a group calling them selves the dark face of Hessel who have taken over the Winshaw Brewery. You are asked to find out why.
The Crown rate this as Green/Amber

Sunday Short Night Dungeon (8-10) - Jamie Fieldsend £10 / 10xp
"An Opening Blow"
The Company have been hired to provide the entertainment for the following event:
**Grand Opening of the Ellion Colossus Arena**
Major Fabius Gordanus invites one and all, especially the recently displaced Imperial citizens, to experience the once in a lifetime event of the opening ceremony of the Games. The Company are invited to take part in the bouts during the games, those who are strong of arm and skill are highly recommended to sign up.
Crown Difficulty - Green/Amber

Sunday Night Tavern (10:00-12:00) - All Writers
"A New Dawn"
After the most hectic of weekends, in regards to number of missions completed on behalf of the Company, Count Charles DeLapin (and hopefully Mr. Smith) will be in attendance at Dragonsfall Company Hall to discuss the weekends events, and continue the debate on a new Company Council.


Abney Park
Newlands Road
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom


£20 including an adventure and stopover. £7 for your first event (£13 discount)

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