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Spirit World: Market of Stars Fakelore Games

Jul 8th - Jul 10th 2022

Organiser / Campaign

Fakelore Games


High Fantasy


Something has gone terribly wrong at the edge of the fox’s domain. Blood lines the path to the market town, dripping from the red strings that guides travellers along a safe route. The foxes have vanished, their shrines barren. The spirits occupying the town are nervous, unsure how to proceed. Compelled to travel here by your own strings of fate, it is up to you to find out why you have been brought here, and whose fate you will prioritise.


Enter the Spirit World is a modern day live-action role-play game inspired by folklore and stories from around the world. Play the part of a human who has stumbled into the Spirit World, one of the spirit inhabitants with their own unique goals, or a monster who does not truly belong in either place.

Strange things are occurring in the Spirit World, and you have been drawn here to help resolve them. Prominent spirits are going missing, strange new monsters are wandering in the dark, and an unknown force is slowly growing in the background, threatening the stability of both realms. Will you return things back to as they were, or help shape a new future?


Gunman Airsoft Eversley
The Welsh Drive
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United Kingdom




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