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Banquet of Blood World of Alrune

Jan 1st 2022

Organiser / Campaign

World of Alrune


High Fantasy


The Banquet of Blood signals the end of winter and the beginning of a new year, with the people of Alrune coming to celebrate by performing the ages-old ritual of taking the blood of the goddess Dragonis, the Head of the Gods and the Archon of Law.
Celebrations and festivities reign all over as the ritual calls all to revere in the power of the gods and give thanks for the start of a new year, asking for good fortune.
Particularly to celebrate the liberation of Ravenstone, it is rumoured that the new Syr will be announced by the Domini of Elrac’Nor this year, gossip abounds - who could it be?
Along with this will be a tournament of duels, with the winner receiving a boon from - it is rumoured - the Praetor Drego herself!
This is a time for parties, joy and merrymaking before the hard work of the year takes over in the spring!


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