Cuckoo's Nest - And The Void Stared Back The Cuckoo's Nest

Aug 30th - Sep 1st 2019

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The Cuckoo's Nest


High Fantasy


The Wardens Council receive this letter, from a group of wardens who had been tasked with studying the great rift in Castann.

"To the Wardens council
Two members of our party have gone missing.
There appears to be a dome of dark fog, expanding every day from the centre of the area we are studying. It has spread over our camp, and we are now within it. We can enter and leave the dome without any apparent ill effect.
Our Castanni guide and the healer are going to see if they can find our missing scouts. I will remain in the camp until they return.
If you hear nothing more from us within the next few weeks, send aid.
Kylar Gatewatcher

The letter was received a week ago, dated a week before that.
Other wardens sent to the area have said that the dome can now be seen above the tall trees of the castanni rainforest.
The Warden’s council is sending further aid, and calls all available wardens to assist their colleagues in their time of need.

(This banquet is themed around investigation, diplomacy and problem solving. However as always there will be some combat, but we will be making it mostly optional. Despite the low combat, there will still be high risk and threat.)


Ratlingate Lane
United Kingdom


£50 players £10 crew

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