Event 1 - Initialize Orion Sphere LRP

May 18th - May 20th 2018

Organiser / Campaign

Orion Sphere LRP


Sci Fi


Initialize is the first event held in the Orion Sphere universe, and will give players an introduction to the setting and the powers that rule it - the four Factions and the MegaCorps that facilitate commerce between them.

Player characters are part of one of the four Factions; the authoritarian Terran Ascendancy; evangelistic Tulaki Dominion; mysterious Elysian Commonality; or diverse Free Union of Sovereign Worlds.

"After decades of increasing tension between the four major Factions of known space, the reclusive Spacer Collective has invited a few select groups and individuals to take advantage of a unique opportunity. They offer the hire of one of their starships, equipped with a Jump Drive, and able to traverse thousands of light-years in a matter of moments, rather than months. Those invited have the chance to intervene in events stretching across the vastness of the Orion Sphere, and influence the fate of thousands of inhabited worlds."

Orion Sphere LRP events use a mission-slot structure to give players the opportunity to complete missions and earn rewards at a time of their choosing, either on the local planet or by travelling to other worlds via our Spaceship Bridge Simulator rig.

To learn more about the universe of Orion Sphere LRP, and to book tickets, visit our Wiki.

Bookings are now open, but only 100 adult spaces are available, so book early to avoid disappointment.


Cox Wood
Cox Lane
LL12 0BH
United Kingdom


Adult Early Bird £65 / Full Price £75 / Child tickets £10-20

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