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Event 1 LegacyLRP

Jul 6th - Jul 8th 2018

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Low Fantasy


Not much is known about the times before these.

Tales are passed down about what the world was like prior to its torment - only that the gods lived in the heavens. They loved their children, but like all siblings they fought.

The war in heaven was mirrored by a war on Arborea. The wars raged for decades and the devout of the gods divided up the lands as trophies of their conflict. But something changed.

The mortals below found themselves shunned by the gods.

Then came the torment, birthing the unholy forces into the world and inflicting annihilation. A veil fell over the heavens, silencing the cries of the faithful and blinding the Gods to the plight of the world below. The unholy forces plunged the fragile world into peril. One by one settlements began to wither before their unrelenting force.

As time inched by, all that remained was myth and tales as mortal life teetered on the edge of obliteration.

Until now.

Word creeps quietly across the lands, of a place dubbed the Iris of the Ancients, the centre of the world. It is here where it is rumoured that the gods may again answer prayers for salvation.

It’s suggested that all who can travel should head towards the hope it provides.


Skreens Park Road
United Kingdom

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