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Feb 3rd 2018

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Post Apocalyptic


So… the apocalypse happened. An infection has wiped out 99% of the UK population. The last reports before the airwaves ceased was that the infection had spread to the rest of the world. You have not only survived the infection, but have (so far) survived this dangerous new world. For those who can still comprehend the concept of time; it has been 156 days since the outbreak of the infection. The dead now walk the Earth with the sole desire of consuming human flesh. We have been watching you for some time. We believe, with training, you have what it takes to aid our mission.

Apocalypse Survival is the ultimate live action role playing event set in the wake of the Zombie Apocalypse. Set in remote woodland, you will be faced with challenges both physical and mental as you work over the course of the event to create a safe basecamp, learn who you can and cannot trust, and attempt to survive the apocalypse.

For all enquiries relating to the event; please email (address in contact details).

You must be 18 or over to register for this event.


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