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May 20th - May 21st 2017

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What is the Four Rivers Gaming Convention?
Four Rivers Gaming Convention is a two-day gaming convention in Newcastle, featuring tabletop role-playing games, wargames, board games, collectable card games, and live role-playing games

What is the aim of Four Rivers Gaming Convention?
Four Rivers Gaming Convention aims to bring together the established roleplaying, wargaming, boardgaming, and LARP groups within the North East to share their hobby with each other, and those entirely new to the hobbies

Why 'Four Rivers'?
The event is named after the major rivers of the North East - the Tweed, Tyne, Wear and Tees Rivers

What is going to be happening there?
Free gaming tables are going to be offered to established gaming/LARP clubs/societies in the North East, on which they can run demonstration games and introduce visitors to their hobby and their clubs - flyers can be given out freely - it's a great opportunity to expand membership and get to know gamers from all over the region

Where is the event?
Four Rivers is based at The Discovery Museum in Newcastle; we're using the incredibly impressive Great Hall and the Turbinia Atrium around The Turbinia Steamship

How much is entry?
Nothing, it's free and open to the public

When is it? What are the opening times?
The event takes place on the 20th and 21st of May. We will be open from 11-4pm and 7-11pm on Saturday...the evening gaming period forms part of the very popular Late Shows, and a pay bar will be available. On Sunday we're open 11-3pm

Isn't that Comic Con weekend?
Yes, which means it's the perfect chance to go 'full geek' and attend both if you like! (we are free remember! and open till 11pm on the Saturday!)

Will there be traders?
Of course! if you're a company that makes or sells gaming goodies, LARP weapons and costumes, develop your own games, or anything else within the glorious pantheon of game geekery - get in touch via Impossible Gears on Facebook or impossiblegears.com . We'd love to see everyone there, from large companies to small independent traders. Single and double pitches are available, and we've aimed to keep the prices as low as possible for a full weekend event - £70 for a single, £130 for a double

I'm in an established gaming group and we'd like to run some games - how do I get involved?
Message me via Impossible Gears on Facebook or impossiblegears.com , and we can talk about what we can offer and what we'd need from you

Does the event have disabled access?
Yes, there's a lift to all floors

Food and Drink?
Yes, the museum has a cafe and there'll be a cafe in the Great Hall too

Is there a changing area for LARPers? what about a stage to have a fight on?
Yup to both of those

Free you say?
Yes, it's a totally free event to attend


Blandford Square
Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom


free to attend, £70/£130 to trade

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