Cataclysm Event 2: An Echo Rises Hive Cataclysm

May 12th - May 14th 2017

Organiser / Campaign

Hive Cataclysm


Post Apocalyptic


Set within a desolate and dark future where humanities golden age has passed and the survivors now find themselves left to survive as a series of fledgling civilisations living in the bones of the past, Cataclysm aims to provide an immersive and thoughtful setting, where anyone can make the difference or tip the balance of power should they play their cards right, where the mightiest mind can be just as effective as the greatest weapon. Mixing together conventional PvE scenarios and plot with PvP driven additions, wrapped within the shell of the post-fall Horror filled world of the colony of Hive one, we aim to provide a lasting experience that everyone can enjoy and where everyone can find something to aim for and strive at.

Event 2: An Echo Rises sees the various cultures' first tentative steps into the ruins, the spark of humanity across the former colony pushes against the all prevailing darkness that consumes all. With their various first successes and defeats within the agri-dome, the civilisations various forces have delayed the onset of their own demise as they fight one another for claims to the vital reactivated nodes. All the time those that carry the beckon of humanities last hope find that all is not as it seems, old echo's of long forgotten things calling like the shrill cry of restless souls; rising to challenge the cries of the living, with one sitting like a vulture, a watchful eye on the living and a cry to the dead ready to step from shadows...


Frogmore Grange, Frog lane
Balsall Common
United Kingdom


£45 per player

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