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Forsaken Day One: A wedding to remember Broken Dreams

Apr 14th - Apr 17th 2017

Organiser / Campaign

Broken Dreams




Life is good for some and bad for most. Wars in distant lands still rage but you would be fooled to think everything is okay as the biggest news seems to be obscure updates on Star Wars episode 7 due in cinemas by December.

Tonight things will go on as normal tonight, it’s time to head out to the party, to get the train home from work, to put on your body armour for a patrol, to get an early night, to prep the camp for scouts arrival tomorrow, to show your face at the wedding, to head to work…..

Unaware that things are about to change forever, life will go...
Forsaken is a continuously running LRP game set in a modern day United Kingdom during a biblical style apocalypse. The main game began 1 year after the “End” and continues to run with several events each year.

Forsaken: Day One is designed to introduce new players to the Forsaken universe through a series of unique one shot events set during the first night of the apocalypse and leading up to the start of the "main" game.

Note: existing players are welcome to play or crew, if you wish to use your current character it can be discussed but not guaranteed.
In this first game characters will be attending the wedding of a friend or possibly even a family member. It's been a long day for many and it's time to finish the celebration with drinks, fine buffet food, good company and live music.

Luckily the ordeal won't gone on too late, the coaches are coming to pick everyone up at midnight...


Frog Lane
Balsall Common
West Midlands
United Kingdom



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