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West Midlands, United Kingdom

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SteamWeave LARP features a blend of medieval gothic horror and Victorian era Steampunk set within a diverse high fantasy game world.

In SteamWeave the players have joined the Alliance Cartel, collaboration between the three northern realms of Endyara, Northshire & Hammerhold.

The ‘Alliance Cartel’ is a travelling caravan made up of various guilds and fighting forces, all working towards a single common goal. Defeating the evil within the world and closing the potent ‘Weave Rifts’ - tears in the fabric of reality and the planes of reality.
Through these rifts the various denizens of the Infernal and Necrotic realms come, free upon the material plane.

Charged with stopping this grave threat the members of the Alliance Cartel must work together... It will take fighting prowess, steady nerves, calculating minds and no small measure of luck to triumph. That is where YOU come in.


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