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Staffordshire, United Kingdom

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Herofest organise and run LARP festival weekends. We combine all of the fun of a festival weekend and the rich detail of an established campaign world, with none of the disadvantages of either. The result is an excellent weekend with an in-depth campaign background, allowing characters to immerse themselves in the LARP experience. The events are aimed at each player becoming a part of an adventuring team called a Faction. Your Faction will have a number of missions that will set you in opposition or as allies to the various other Factions on the event. Due to the number and variety of the missions, you may be allied to another Faction in the morning only to find you are fighting that very same Faction in the afternoon. You can join an existing faction as an individual, or as a group, and once you have attended you can to start your own Faction, if you can gain enough supporters. No faction is larger than 20 and everyone has the same amount of hits regardless of how many times you have been
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