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OSLRP Event 10 - Delirium Orion Sphere LRP

Jun 21st - Jun 23rd 2024

Organiser / Campaign

Orion Sphere LRP


Sci Fi


Orion Sphere LRP is a sci-fi live roleplaying system that takes place in the distant future of our own galaxy. Players take the role of characters from one of four powerful Factions, which compete for fame, influence and wealth.
Each event takes place a different planet filled with mystery and secrets, but players can also travel to distant worlds and star systems via a Starship Bridge Simulator.
Tickets for Event 10 are available at www.orionspherelrp.co.uk, and cost £85 for an adult. Event 10 will be a Location-style event, with a focus on a single primary storyline, although there are many opportunities to engage with threads aside from the main focus.
The game is designed from the ground up to be responsive to player actions and give unparalleled freedom for experienced players, while also being easy to get a handle on for those who are new to live roleplaying.
Orion Sphere LRP is set in a deep and immersive universe, and encourages players to collaborate with the Game Team to create new species, worlds and stories.


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Orion Sphere LRP
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