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Undeath and Taxes Ilydan LARP

Apr 6th - Apr 7th 2024

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Ilydan LARP


High Fantasy


It is one year since the first settlement on Ilydan was founded. The first travellers, a motley group of freebooters, adventurers, traders, farmers, explorers and criminals have survived their first winter. The village of Torvald has become more established, with a few homesteads nestling around the Trade Hall near the coast. But the mission to Ilydan was not intended to just cling to the extremities. Great rewards lie further inland, so with Torvald receiving the new seasons intake of travellers and the winter storms abating, the need to push deeper into Ilydan is clear. What will they find as they move from the now familiar lands by the coast and venture north? And what news comes from the Great Empire, lying far across the ocean but whose influence looms large over the fragile new community?


Plunder Street
BS49 4PQ
United Kingdom

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