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Siege of Adalhard Manor Archaeus Larp

May 20th - May 22nd 2022

Organiser / Campaign

Archaeus Larp


High Fantasy


With the destruction of Lord Isolda's territory and the death of Isolda him self, the undead throng headed east, in to the lands of Etalaan.
However, they met the sword and shields of the brave mercenaries that were paid to defend the land.
Despite overwhelming numbers the mercenaries prevailed in pushing back the undead horde.
The dark figure, now known as a corrupted necrobotanist has seemingly met his end within an ancient ritual circle due to the swift actions of the living.
But a messenger was received shortly after winning the battle of Etalaan...
Lady Adalhard is under siege at her keep, the undead are swarming in and she needs help immediately!
Will the hired mercenaries rush to her aid?
Will new members join the fight?
The world of Archaeus can only hope.
If Etalaan falls, the rest of the world will surely follow.

This event will be hosted over 3 days (Friday to Sunday) within a large Manor House on a 30 acre site, which includes 10 bedrooms sleeping 54, and a bell tent village which accommodates 60 people in 15 bell tents, located in the old walled orchard.
Includes access to wifi. There will be no need to bring a tent unless you specifically want to bring your own tent or we take more bookings than the Manor house or the Bell tent Village can take.
This event will also include an in character masked ball within the Manor houses ball room.

Please note Prices have increased slightly to reflect the quality and overall cost of this stunning venue.

Prices are as Follows:
Adult Ticket including full catering: £85
Adult Ticket self catering: £60
Under 16's including full catering: £65
Under 16's self Catering: £40
Under 5's: Free
Monster Crew including full Catering: £35
Monster Crew self catering: Free

People can start arriving on site from 3pm onwards on Friday.
Friday Time in at 5pm. (Gives people time to travel, tent up, kit up etc)
Dinner at 6pm

8:30 for breakfast
Time in at 10.
Lunch at 1pm
Dinner at 6pm
Fighting will end at 10pm
Time out is at 12am for those that want to stay up late in character.

Breakfast at 8:00
Time time in at 9
Lunch at 12pm
Time out and end of the event at 2pm.