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Event 13 - A Fete full event

Organiser: Eventyr LRP

Location: Willesley Scout Campsite, Willesley

A n00bz perspective

Written by Andy T. on 02/04/2012

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Ok, before I arrived at my 1st ever Eventyr event, I was already impressed by Jason and his team and the level of care they were giving me and my group by patiently fielding all our questions and requests. On the day I arrived, put up my tent, had a beer and eventually booked in. I thought the booking in process could have been streamlined further, but it seemed to work and people did not seem to fussed so cool!

Then time in came...

From start to finish, the experience of adventuring, roleplaying, finding pits, camping, was full on for us and our group. We got our grubby demon-kin fingers in to everything and did not stop unless the BBQ was on!

Some things I think made it work...
  • The design team were responsive and friendly!
  • The crew were fantastic and fights were some of the most fun and the most safe I have been too in over 17 years of LRP. Heroic combat and roleplaying dodges FTW!!!
  • The players were welcoming, and helpful!
  • Most of all, the thing I think has made this event the best I have been too in 17 years was the fact you could see how passionate Jason (the organiser) was about his game, you could see that mirrored in every crew member, player and the game just felt better for it.

I could criticise Eventyr for not having a streamlined enough booking in system, or maybe a few other minor points in terms of logistics, but I think that would retract from the fact that as small scale, intimate fantasy game for both new and experienced Live Roleplayers go... Eventyr really takes some beating in my opinion.

Well Done Jason. You have a player for life out of me.

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