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Are there different genres?

LARP events can be about any genre that the organiser chooses but here are some regularly covered genres that will give you a better idea of what is out there:


This is what most LARPers call events with a background of containing “Swords & Sorcery” or fictitious medieval/dark ages elements. Sometimes, it is split sub-genres of “High Fantasy” (lots of magic and over the top outfits) and “Low Fantasy” (more gritty/realistic with subtle hints of magic/folklore).


This covers events that require a certain amount of historical accuracy while often still crossing into other genres such as horror or other fiction.


Inspired by 19th century steam powered industrial machinery. Think ridiculous Orwellian-like contraptions and zeppelins and you are not far off.


This speaks for itself but a lot of very different events fall under this umbrella. Events have been run based on Zombie movies, H. P. Lovecraft’s Mythos, folktales, Vampire and lots more.

Post Apocalyptic

With films like Mad Max, this genre is fairly well known. It does allow for some creative ideas though. Events might have characters trapped in a faulty fallout shelter or trying to scavenge food or supplies in the wilderness.

Sci Fi

Just like in the movies, this can cover spaceships, time travel, AI and lots more.


Sometimes it’s fun/thought provoking to put players into a situation that has happened or is happening in real life or is in a movie/book.

Photo by Beth Dooner
A scene from futuristic LARP "Age of Aether".