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What should I do next?

So you hopefully have a better idea of what is involved in attending a LARP event. Next, you need to find an event to attend!

There are a few ways to find a suitable event:

  1. Look through our Events List, find one that is of interest and contact them using the details provided. Join the UK LARP Kit Facebook group and ask for advice on finding events in the genre and area you want.
  2. Search on google for events in your area.
  3. To get started, read the event’s website to get a feel for it and then contact the organiser to ask how to get involved. Some people delay getting started because they think they need to get their costume perfect first but the truth is that most participants build up their kit over time. You’ll just need to wear plain clothes (usually brown or black) with no brand names showing and plain shoes/boots and then the rest will come with time.
Photo by Beth Dooner
A scene from "Empire" by Profound Decisions