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Seaxe and Sorcery


Essex, United Kingdom

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Seaxe & Sorcery has been running as a group since 1986, starting as a school club we were a group of young men and women all looking for a hobby that we could participate in with other people who shared our love for the fantastic and the magical. The group as we were known back then, has grown, as have its members.

Today we cover a wide variety of disciplines, including tabletop and live action role play, fantasy and historical war-gaming and our membership has grown from 6 at it's inception through to about 25 regular players on tabletop nights and between 40 and 60 on some of our live role-play and re-enactment events.

Because of the size of the group and to prove our serious intent we have a formal written constitution and an organised committee structure, which allows us to work with external organisations with ease. Because of this we have been able to give demonstrations and displays for groups such as the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, local schools, the fire service and local interest groups. We regularly have LARP events and put on demonstrations for the public. We are also fortunate enough to be able to use the Local Hall for our tabletop activities every Monday.

Finally one of our most recent developments and perhaps the most exciting we are currently involved in running the Kingdom of Essex for the Historical, Mythological, Society (HMS). This is a semi historical live role – play system, which uses elements of historical re-enactment, set in a mythological period in England's past. It has been set up in order to promote both an interest in local history and mythology as well as involve more people from a variety of backgrounds in our hobby.
Seaxe & Sorcery is a dynamic forward-looking group with a plan for the future. We are non-profit making and run by volunteers and all money raised is ploughed back into our hobby. I hope you can be part of this future too.

Please contact us via the Forums or the Seaxe Email below.

- Gary Bates
Seaxe & Sorcery founder and Chairman.