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Ascendancy LRP


Derbyshire, United Kingdom

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Ascendancy LRP is a Live Role Playing system set on several continents. Each continent has its own unique flavour, which means there are a huge variety of types of characters that can be played within the system, from fey from Faerie or ninja masters from the Five Thunders to pirates from Archipelago or religious zealots from Salem, Steam punk scientist and everything in between.

Ascendancy LRP is set in a period spanning from the stone age to a period roughly equivalent to the early 1800s, so black powder weapons are in use. However, they are far more common in some continents/regions/shards than others so there is still plenty of sword play and hand to hand fighting for those who prefer that sort of thing. There is also plenty of "thinky" plot for those who would rather not get involved in fighting at all!

The team at Ascendancy LRP are an experienced group of prop makers, live role play organisers and performers who aspire to create events full of drama, action and atmosphere. We hope you come along for the ride so that together the combined efforts of both organisers and players will inspire each other to create many memorable events.