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Kent by Night


Kent, United Kingdom

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We're a Modern oWoD Larp. It's a Political Supernatural game of Intrigue that is similar to Rome, with a healthy dose of Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Dresden Files (TV & the Novels), Anne Rice, the Hunger and backstabbery worthy of Battlestar Galactica, Rome or Babylon5.

Oh and we sometimes smack each other around with latex weapons as well.

We meet once a month on a Sunday at the Mid-Kent College: Medway Campus and we run from 10am through 'til around 5pm.

Our game is set in a darker version of the real world. We use rules as presented in the World of Darkness game, Vampire the Masquerade (3rd ed), with one or two exceptions (2nd ed. rulebooks are fine to use if you dont own a 3rd ed. book).

The primary one is that being "Goth" and wearing a Frilly Shirt is not mandatory.
The other is that it is a Camarilla only game.

The Vampire games often get some bad press in other LRP circles due to the Frilly Shirt Brigade, or people who in normal time (not in game time) think they really Are vampires and all that might entail.

Our game is socially heavy. We'll meet once a month for the official "Court", where you (the vampires) gather to trade information, insults, garner allies and advance the plots made available to you via the Ref Team or other players.