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Hampshire, United Kingdom

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Wyverns Tales – Small friendly day events in Southampton and Exeter and four weekenders a year, including two indoor (castles, youth hostels etc. and camping with a long weekend in May).

We run three systems under the banner of WyvernsTales (currently concentrating on Forest Argent)
Forest Argent – A selection of worlds, which have come into conjunction through a nebulous area called “The Forest Argent”. Game themes include Exploration, Culture Clash, Trade, Combat and Negotiation.

Fates Dawn – A Celtic fantasy country, beset by enemies, travelers and settlers, where magic is real and life can be short for the foolish. Game themes include Combat, Culture Clash, Horror, War, Negotiations and Exploration.

Fairy Tales – At the end of the Great Anarchy in England strange mysteries and terrible spectacles are investigated by quite agents. Game themes Investigation, Combat, Murder Mystery, History and Occult Horror.

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