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Tommy Guns & Temperance


Kent, United Kingdom

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Tommy Guns & Temperance is a Live Roleplaying Game set in the fictional East-Coast USA city of New Temperance during the Prohibition era. The game is primarily social, politics and economy focused, but there are opportunities for murder, combat and gunplay.

It's possible to carve yourself a criminal empire that you oversee from your mansion in the hills, make your fortune supplying illicit alcohol to fellow racketeers, make your name as the owner of the most swinging speakeasies in town, play a 1920's gumshoe in your own film-noir style adventures, be a hitman plying your services to the highest bidder, bring the criminal syndicates down from within as an undercover Fed, or just enjoy the gin and jazz of the Roaring Twenties flapper culture by dancing next to the gramophone or hitting the blackjack and roulette tables.

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